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Jamorama Guitar System Review: Is it Worth It?

What is Jamorama?

Jamorama is a new, online platform for learning guitar spearheaded by guitarist Mark Mackenzie. According to their website, Jamorama features “275 step-by-step video lessons, integrated play-along jam tracks, and progress tracking system” and is “the easiest way to learn guitar. Guaranteed.” Let’s take a dive into the Jamorama system to see how it works.

What Does Jamorama Offer?

At Jamorama, a one-time fee of $97 gives you unlimited lifetime access to a wide range of videos and practice tools. Pre-recorded video lessons cover such topics as “Beginner Guitar Method Stage 1 and 2”, “Beginner Guitar Chords”, “Blues Guitar Breakthrough”, “Fingerstyle Guitar”, “Guitar Theory Made Even Easier”, “Speed Picking”, “Lead Guitar for Beginners”, “The 1-Hour Workout”, and “Acoustic Guitar Maintenance”.

These are all great topics to know about at any stage of your guitar playing. However, the most beneficial part of signing up for Jamorama is their step-by-step, goal oriented approach. Jamorama places a lot of emphasis on setting goals and learning how to build practice routines. These are essential skills for beginning guitarists to master so they can quickly progress to higher levels. If you are a beginning guitarist and want a program that is progressive and goal-oriented, Jamorama is made for you!

One other excellent feature of Jamorama is their interactive jam sessions. Jamorama markets itself as the “world’s first social network for guitar students” and many students on their website remark how cool and helpful this is. Having a community of musicians to engage with is one of the most important factors in how fast you grow as a musician. Without community, you are learning guitar in a vacuum with no outlet.

What Happens When I Sign Up?

When you sign up for Jamorama, you are directed to a dashboard profile area where you can browse through a few different menu options including Courses, Song Lessons, Membership, an extended blog section, and a virtual store. 

There are 11 Course options each with a number of video segments built in a progressive and logical sequence. 

The Song Lessons section features a wide range of classic and contemporary pieces from artists ranging from Otis Redding and Prince to Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons. 

The Blog section is split into 4 categories: Lessons, Gear, Artists, and News. All are filled with free and informative content. 

The Store sells 4 varieties of guitar strings for an above average price.

Pros and Cons Breakdown:

Let’s break this down even further:


  • Low, cost, easy access to hundreds of video lessons
  • A progressive, goal oriented approach to learning guitar
  • A community of like-minded guitarists to engage with
  • A money-back guarantee


  • Pre-recorded video lessons are not always an effective substitute for in person lessons
  • Lessons are geared toward beginners, intermediate players may not find anything useful
  • It is not clear how many people are enrolled in the program or how robust the community of guitarists on the platform is
  • It is unclear how long the money-back guarantee lasts. The website mentions both a 60 day guarantee and a 120 day guarantee. 


In conclusion, the Jamorama program seems like a worthwhile platform for beginning guitarists to get a hold of some basic lessons and some possibility of community. For the low price of $97, these are valuable assets as private music lessons can become expensive quite quickly with no guarantee of any progress.

The emphasis on goals is important and the robust blog and song lessons section look great and the quality of the introduction video is top notch.

Overall, Jamorama seems like a high quality guitar instructional program.

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